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The Balm in Gilead

Today many people are going through many things from marital problems, to financial problems, to health problems. The causes of these problems vary but the issue is we are dealing with or have dealt with these problems at one time or another. Today more than ever people are dealing with health problems. As the average life span of humans increases, so does the amount of people dealing with chronic disease especially cancer. The incidence of cancer has quickly risen and soon it maybe the number cause of death of among Americans.

Numerous people suffer from the various forms of cancer from brain cancer to pancreatic cancer. Some people have had successful treatment others cancer has taken their life. What is important to remember today that is in spite of whatever illness you maybe going through there is someone who is more than able to cure any disease and or any cancer. His name is Jesus.

The question was raised in the Book of Jeremiah  8:22 “Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no physician there?” This was a question raised by God as he observed the sickness of His people. The balm that was spoken of would later come in the form of Jesus Christ the Son of God. There was one woman in particular who experienced firsthand the healing power of God. In St. Luke 8:43, there was a woman who had an issue of blood for 12 years! Some scholars say she may have had some type of fibroid tumor of the uterus or some chronic disease that led to her bleeding.

This woman had spent all of her money going to the best physicians around. Just like today when people who suffer from cancer seek the best hematology/oncologist around. This is a reasonable move. There are a couple of things to notice about this story and this woman: 1) She sought a cure for her condition James 4:2 “…ye have not because ye ask not” and Matthew 7:7 says, “…seek and ye shall find…” 2) She had dealt with this for 12 years! Can you imagine dealing with the worse issue of your life for 12 years! Today I do not honesty know how many people could put up with a single problem for 12 years. Nevertheless the woman was determined to find an answer to her condition. One day the woman in her searching came across Christ. Apparently she had heard of His works.

The Bible accounts this woman had to the faith to believe that if she could only just touch the very hem of his garment she would receive her healing. Here lies the blessing for all those who suffer from cancers or other illnesses. She believed in the only Son of God. This first and foremost is the most important step; we have to put all our faith and our trust in the resurrected Son of God. This was not a large amount of faith but faith “the size of a mustard seed” as Jesus speaks of later that propelled this woman to receive what she came for. At this point there are a couple of points to remember.  1.) The woman sought her healing. Are you seeking your healing today?

Or have you given up because the doctor has given you a bad report. This woman sought every physician she could and was not healed after 12 years yet she kept searching! So you cannot give up! 2.) Secondly she put her trust in the Son of God! Do you believe in Jesus Christ today? Do you believe in who He is and what he can do for you? If not let today be your day! Lastly because of her faith she received more than a healing. Jesus knew who touched her even though He asked, “Who touched me?” Nothing surprises God (another point to remember). Rather Jesus wanted to woman to come before him with the same faith that led her to touch the hem of his garment. Then Jesus blesses her openly by saying, “...thy faith had made thee whole...” Her faith hath allowed her to be healed completely both spiritually and physically. Today this is desire of God not to just heal you physically but spiritually as well! All those who are dealing with cancers and other illness should take after the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years. Seek the Lord Jesus he is the healing balm who cure all diseases that of the soul and body if you only believe! There is no cancer or sickness that God cannot heal. It does not matter what the doctor has said it does not matter the diagnosis or the prognosis. Jesus is more than able to heal you if you only believe!


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